STS Crane Rope Automatic Online Monitoring System

35 years ago, the scientists of TCW.W began to study
the "memory magnetic field phenomenon". When
exploring the "magnetic domain" and "electron spin
magnetic moment" of the microscopic substance
formed by the quantum multi-body effect in
ferromagnetic materials, it was discovered that the
vector of the electron spin magnetic moment in the
magnetic domain in the natural state is in a disordered
state; but it has some motion and changing laws under
the conditions of human intervention. Applying a moving
magnetic field to the ferromagnetic material can change
the number of magnetic domains in a certain direction,
so that it has a moderately low magnetic energy
product, thereby forming a "memory magnetic field".
Based on this discovery, company scientists invented a
new "magnetic memory type steel wire rope weak
magnetic non-destructive flaw detection technology",
which can distinguish the physical characteristics of the
material under the memory magnetic field. The weak
magnetic inspection technology subverts the traditional
strong magnetic detection technology. In the field of
wire rope non-destructive testing, it is at the international
leading level. TCK.W has 34 core technology patents, 3
invention patents in the United States, the European
Union and Japan, and 24 software copyrights.

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